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F1 Rumour That Williams Will Be Bought By Porsche Are False

The weekend brought some exciting rumours for F1 fans as reports surfaced that Porsche, the iconic German car manufacturer, were in talks with the Williams F1 team about a potential partnership. Unfortunately, these rumours have now been put to bed by a spokesperson from the team.

Fans eagerly awaited for an official announcement as Porsche’s Formula E Instagram page was completely rebooted, with only a single video being published. The video seemed to tease a partnership with the Williams team, with the caption reading: “Start your engines. Something big is coming.”

Williams F1 Press Image

Viewers couldn’t help but dive deeper into the individual frames of the video, with some thinking they could see the silhouette of Frank Williams, the founder of the Williams F1 team, and believed this was an Easter egg left by Porsche to notify fans of an upcoming partnership. Whatever the news is, it will be revealed today. 01/16/23.

However, the excitement was short-lived as Motorsport Week was told by a spokesperson of Williams that this rumour was false. They stated:

“The rumours that Williams Racing is up for sale are inaccurate. We are open to any discussions regarding the supply of engines with manufacturers from 2026 when the new engine regulations come in.

“We are happy with our relationship with Mercedes [who has supplied Williams with engines since 2014] and appreciate all their efforts.”

Porsche, the iconic German car manufacturer, is looking to make a comeback in the motorsports world with their entry in Formula One in 2026, when regulations undergo drastic changes. They had previously been in talks with Red Bull Racing team, but unfortunately, these exchanges broke down in late 2022. This was a major disappointment for fans, who had high hopes to see the brand in action on the grid.

With James Vowles, the former Chief Strategist of Mercedes-AMG F1 team, taking on the role of team principal at Williams Racing, fans have high hopes for the legendary team’s future. Despite the disappointment of the false partnership rumours between Porsche and Williams, the F1 community is excited to see what new leadership and strategy Vowles will bring to the team. It’s a reminder that in the ever-evolving world of motorsports, anything is possible and fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for Williams Racing and Porsche’s return to the F1 world.

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