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F1 Video: Watch As Max Verstappen And Charles Leclerc Give Us Amazing Racing

We’re at lap 23 of the Bahrain Grand Prix and we’ve already seen some amazing racing. But a fight between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc has been some of the best racing we’ve ever seen and it’s certainly made us excited for the rest of the 2022 F1 season, despite the rest of the pack being a bit… dull.

“Leclerc and Verstappen are the only two keeping this interesting,” a fan writes on Twitter as the two drivers lunge forward at each other trying to take first place.

Verstappen pushed down the inside of turn 1 of lap 17 taking first place from Leclerc, but this only lasted three corners before Leclerc took the place back with some incredible racing from the Monaco-born driver.

The next lap, Max makes a similar move and Leclerc is able to take it back a couple of seconds later. Turn 1 sees yet another move from Max, but this time he aggressively locks up on his soft tyres and doesn’t find any success while likely leaving his front right tyre with a flat spot.


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