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Fernando Alonso Wants To Retire As Lewis Hamilton’s Teammate

Fernando Alonso has discussed the end of his career, admitting that even after a troublesome past with Lewis Hamilton, he’d love to end up as teammates before he retires. Adding to this, he also admits that it was the management of McLaren that caused the large rift between the two F1 drivers.

When Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton shared the McLaren garage back in 2007, tensions ran high. Their rivalry was the stuff of legend, with clashes both on and off the track becoming commonplace. The infamous 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying incident, where Hamilton refused to let Alonso pass, led to the Spaniard’s pit stop retaliation, ultimately preventing Hamilton from setting a fast lap. The atmosphere was tense, and the relationship was “strained”, with Alonso ending his three-year contract with McLaren prematurely, citing an “unsuitable collaboration” with the team.

Fast forward to today, and it seems that the rivalry between Alonso and Hamilton has mellowed. While the two still compete, the animosity that once existed between them has dissipated. Alonso has even expressed a desire to reunite with Hamilton on the track, saying that he would love to end their careers together.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Alonso spoke about his respect for Hamilton as a talented driver and one of the toughest competitors he has ever faced.

“It would be nice to end our careers together, I would love that.

“We had a difficult season, but we respected what the other was doing on track and still do. We each consider the other to be a talented driver and one of the toughest competitors we have ever met.”

As they continue to compete, it’s clear that Alonso and Hamilton’s rivalry has evolved into a more respectful competition.

“We were young. We were immature. We were many of the things we are not now, and we needed help from the management that we didn’t get. It was a team with eyes totally on one side of the garage.

“As Ron Dennis said after the penultimate race in China, ‘Our race isn’t with Massa, it is with Fernando’. When your team says that, you cannot continue.”

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