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Fernando Alonso’s 2011 Ferrari Enzo Poised for Auction

Fernando Alonso’s 2011 Ferrari Enzo is set to make a grand appearance at an auction in the early days of June. The Monaco Car Auctions has revealed that this special vehicle, having only covered 4,800 kilometers, will be placed up for auction on the 8th of June. As of now, the starting price remains a mystery.

The advert for this prized vehicle reads, “This Enzo has several major characteristics. Apart from being ‘Scocca n.1’ as pointed out in its Ferrari Classiche certification, it has only 4,800 km on the meter and until now was owned by @fernandoalo_oficial. This marvel will be auctioned on June 8 at L’ASTAROSSA™.”

Alonso, the Spanish racing ace, was a part of the Maranello squad from 2010 to 2014 before he returned to McLaren in 2015. This isn’t the only Ferrari that Alonso has in his collection. Rumor has it that he also owns a sleek black La Ferrari.

This news has taken fans by surprise, leading to an array of reactions. One of the fans humorously commented that it wouldn’t be too big of a deal if Alonso sold this car since he could possibly replace it with an Aston Martin Valkyrie. Though getting a new DB12 seems more likely, fans are holding onto the hope for Alonso getting the Valkyrie.

At the moment, it’s uncertain whether a guide price will be declared before the auction commences. Regardless, it’ll certainly be fascinating to see the final bidding price for this exceptional piece of Ferrari history at the upcoming exclusive auction.

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