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How Are F1 Points Awarded to Drivers and Constructors In The 2023 Season?

In the world of F1, points are given to drivers based on their finishing position in each race. These points are accumulated throughout the season to determine the final standings in the F1 World Championship. They can often be a confusing system to keep track of, especially for new fans of the sport. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how F1 points are awarded to both drivers and constructors.

This is specifically for the 2023 season. The system doesn’t change often, but it does change, so here’s the most up to date guide on how F1 points are awarded.

Drivers’ Championship

2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Sunday – LAT Images

The current point system awards points to the top 10 finishers of each race, with the winner receiving 25 points, second place receiving 18 points, third place receiving 15 points, and so on, with tenth place receiving 1 point.

Fastest Lap Point

Additionally, a bonus point is awarded to the driver who achieves the fastest lap in the race, as long as they finish within the top 10.

How does F1 decide the world champion?

At the end of the season, the driver with the most points will be declared the F1 World Champion. 

In 2022, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen broke the record for the amount of points won in a season with 454. The two-time champion also gathered enough points to take the championship win well before the end of the season at the Japanese Grand Prix. 


Sprint Races

F1 brought sprint races onto the calendar in 2021 which is another opportunity for drivers to pick up points. 

Points are awarded for F1 sprint races in a similar way as they are awarded for traditional F1 races, however there are not as many on offer. The top 8 finishers in the sprint race are awarded points, with the winner receiving 8 points, the second place finisher receiving 7 points, and the third place finisher receiving 6 points, and so on. 


Constructors’ Championship

Formel 1 – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, Großer Preis von Mexiko 2022. Lewis Hamilton Formula One – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, 2022 Mexican GP. Lewis Hamilton

Constructors’ points work the same way as for the drivers, they just add up the points that both of their drivers achieve.

2023 Season

F1 fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming 2023 season to get going with the Bahrain Grand Prix on 3-5 March and pre-season testing the week before. On top of that, the next season of Netflix’s Drive To Survive is due to be released on 24th February so fans will be able to re-live the on and off track drama from last year.

Now you know exactly how points are awarded in F1 and how significant they are in the sport.

F1 Champion Points History

SeasonDriverAgeWinsFastest lapsPoints
1950Giuseppe Farina[20]443330
1951Juan Manuel Fangio[21]403531
1952[a]Alberto Ascari[23]346636
1953[a]Alberto Ascari[23]355434.5
1954Juan Manuel Fangio[21]436342
1955Juan Manuel Fangio[21]444340
1956Juan Manuel Fangio[21]453430
1957Juan Manuel Fangio[21]464240
1958Mike Hawthorn[24]291542
1959Jack Brabham[25]332131
1960Jack Brabham[25]345343
1961Phil Hill[26]342234
1962Graham Hill[27]334342
1963Jim Clark[28]277654
1964John Surtees[29]302240
1965Jim Clark[28]296654
1966Jack Brabham[25]404142
1967Denny Hulme[30]312251
1968Graham Hill[27]393048
1969Jackie Stewart[31]306563
1970Jochen Rindt[32]285145
1971Jackie Stewart[31]326362
1972Emerson Fittipaldi[33]255061
1973Jackie Stewart[31]345171
1974Emerson Fittipaldi[33]273055
1975Niki Lauda[34]265264.5
1976James Hunt[35]296269
1977Niki Lauda[34]283372
1978Mario Andretti[36]386364
1979Jody Scheckter[37]293051
1980Alan Jones[38]345567
1981Nelson Piquet[39]293150
1982Keke Rosberg[40]341044
1983Nelson Piquet[39]313459
1984Niki Lauda[34]355572
1985Alain Prost[41]305573
1986Alain Prost[41]314272
1987Nelson Piquet[39]353473
1988Ayrton Senna[42]288390
1989Alain Prost[41]344576
1990Ayrton Senna[42]306278
1991Ayrton Senna[42]317296
1992Nigel Mansell[43]3998108
1993Alain Prost[41]387699
1994Michael Schumacher[44]258892
1995Michael Schumacher[44]2698102
1996Damon Hill[45]368597
1997Jacques Villeneuve[46]267381
1998Mika Häkkinen[48]3086100
1999Mika Häkkinen[48]315676
2000Michael Schumacher[44]3192108
2001Michael Schumacher[44]3293123
2002Michael Schumacher[44]33117144
2003Michael Schumacher[44]346593
2004Michael Schumacher[44]351310148
2005Fernando Alonso[49]2472133
2006Fernando Alonso[49]2575134
2007Kimi Räikkönen[50]2866110
2008Lewis Hamilton[51]235198
2009Jenson Button[52]296295
2010Sebastian Vettel[53]2353256
2011Sebastian Vettel[53]24113392
2012Sebastian Vettel[53]2556281
2013Sebastian Vettel[53]26137397
2014Lewis Hamilton[51]29117384
2015Lewis Hamilton[51]30108381
2016Nico Rosberg[54]3196385
2017Lewis Hamilton[51]3297363
2018Lewis Hamilton[51]33113408
2019Lewis Hamilton[51]34116413
2020Lewis Hamilton[51]35116347
2021Max Verstappen[55]24106395.5
2022Max Verstappen[55]25155454

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