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Hamilton: Mercedes has “definitely made an improvement”

Mercedes arrived at Silverstone with optimism, identifying the British GP as an opportunity to maximise the W13’s performance and compete with Red Bull and Ferrari at the front of the grid.

The Silver Arrows have consistently proven to be the third-best team in race trim this season, though they are vulnerable to midfield threats in qualifying. This weekend, the team aims to capitalise on their recent updates at a circuit where they have traditionally taken good results.

Lewis Hamilton spoke to the media, pleased with Mercedes’ progress on the first day of the weekend:

“It has been a good day. I wish that we all had more running in P1, but that beautiful weather that we normally get here in Silverstone is what makes it so special! It can be raining in one corner, or half the track and dry elsewhere, so it was just wet through [turns] 6 and 7 and a little bit down to 9, and then it was dry everywhere else.

2022 British Grand Prix, Friday – Jiri Krenek

I think [the car is] bouncing still quite a bit; not in a straight line, but through the corners it’s pretty harsh – not physically harsh, just like in the car, on the tyres and everything…

The upgrades [weren’t] anything to do with ride. It was just literally downforce and difficult to feel it because we are in two massively different tracks.

You are coming from a low-wing, low-speed circuit [in Montreal], to an all-medium and high-speed circuit. So, I didn’t get to feel the car like this last week. But it’s much smoother, this track, which is much better.

Our long-run pace isn’t as good as the other guys but it’s not miles off. So, we’ve definitely made an improvement, and I’m sure overnight we can work and improve the car even more,” said the eight-time British GP winner.”

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