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Lewis Hamilton on the Jewellery Saga: “We’ve really got to focus on more important areas”

After a hectic and controversial week in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has spoken extensively about the importance of moving forward as a sport and the need to strive for greater inclusivity and equality continuously.

However, amidst these necessary conversations, there is still the somewhat drawn-out Jewellery saga to address. The FIA has refused to back down from its stance on wearing jewellery during races, and whilst this might seem a slightly baffling priority in the context of the season, it is far from settled.

Hamilton has spoken about the importance of the FIA addressing more pressing issues, as quoted by

“It’s kind of crazy to think that with all that is going on in the world, that is a focus for people.

And I would say that it is worrying because we’ve got so much bigger fish to fry. We’ve really got to start focusing on other, more important areas.”

2022 Canadian Grand Prix, Friday – Steve Etherington

“I will be racing this weekend. I will be working with the FIA. I would say the matter is not particularly, massively important.

I will work with Mohammed [Ben Sulayem – FIA president] and his team so that we can progress forward.”

There has been debate surrounding whether drivers should be able to wear jewellery at their discretion in races, particularly since they are often important on a personal and religious level for the drivers.

Most would agree that few F1 fans take a particular interest in whether drivers wear jewellery during Grand Prix, and whilst the FIA might want to stand its ground and enforce its rules, this seems something of a ridiculous hill to die on.

Generally speaking, F1 is experiencing fantastic growth, but preventable and avoidable issues such as this one need to be addressed far more competently than they have been in recent years, as these scenarios are lose-lose for the sport.

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