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Here’s Your Chance To Own The Fastest Corvette Z06 Ever To Climb Pikes Peak

I’m in the middle of building a track car, and while it’s been fun, educational, and fulfilling, it sure is taking a long time. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to buy one already finished. Oh, wait, you can? Here’s a Corvette Z06 racecar that’s proven its worth on one of the greatest hill climbs of all time: Pikes Peak. And now, it’s for sale on Bring A Trailer.

The first paragraph of the advert reads like this:

“This 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 was purchased at a Washington State salvage auction in May 2017 by the seller, professional race car driver Robb Holland, and subsequently built to compete in the TA1 Class at the 2017 Pikes Peak Hill Climb, where it finished fourth in-class and became the fastest Corvette ever to have completed the course. Power comes from a supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V8 that has been fitted with a Katech Stage 3 E85 kit and is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with custom-mounted shift paddles. The car is finished in Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic livery and features a number of carbon fiber body panels as well as an adjustable splitter and rear wing. Additional modifications include custom exhaust and suspension setups, a fire suppression system, Finspeed wheels, a roll cage, and more. This C7 racer is offered with design files, build photos, and a Colorado rebuilt title in the seller’s name.”

This E85 tuned racing machine sports gallons of carbon fibre and huge amounts of downforce from the addition of a dual-element APR Performance wing. It also dons a Stage 3 E85 kit from Katech, a custom exhaust for maximum soundage, and a custom suspension setup to make it one hell of a competitor in the TA1 class.

Obviously, the ‘Vette features handfuls of safety gear such as a full roll cage, fire suppression, and OMP racing seats. In fact, it’s been so well created that it featured in a Racecar Engineering article.

Read the full advert on Bring A Trailer here

Currently, the big stands at $35,000 with the auction ending in 3 days, so someone may find themselves a bargain here.

The following videos cover just how cool this Z06 is, and what performance it’s capable of, including a Dyno run and a climb of the legendary hill climb itself.

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