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Is Yuki Tsunoda Racing Toward a Red Bull Seat? Horner Hints at Future Possibilities Amid Perez’s Struggles

Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, has recently shed light on the evolving status and promising trajectory of Yuki Tsunoda, the dynamic driver for VCARB, Red Bull’s sister racing team. Tsunoda’s growth is no longer unnoticed as he continues to outshine his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, marking significant strides in his racing career.

Tsunoda’s recent performance at Silverstone was notably commendable as he climbed from a 13th place start to secure a 10th place finish, enhancing his reputation and points tally in challenging conditions. Horner highlighted these improvements, saying, “I think Yuki’s doing a good comment. He got another point, he’s stringing weekends together, he’s doing a good job.” This acknowledgement comes amid the broader conjecture surrounding a potentially available seat on the Red Bull Racing Team alongside ace driver Max Verstappen.

While Tsunoda embarks on his ascent, competition looms within the team as Sergio Perez faces criticism over a dip in performance, sparking rumors of upcoming shifts in the driver lineup post-summer. Among potential replacements, Daniel Ricciardo and junior Red Bull driver Liam Lawson stand as conceivable candidates. Noteworthy in this mix, Lawson is scheduled for a significant test with the RB20 at Silverstone, thereby asserting his standing in the race for a seat.

Yet, when queried about whether Tsunoda might receive a similar opportunity to Lawson for testing, Horner delivered an ambiguous yet hopeful statement. “He’s on a Red Bull Racing contract. You never know. Maybe he’ll get a test one day. You never know,” expressed Horner, adding another layer of speculation to Tsunoda’s future within the racing titan’s fold. He further emphasized Tsunoda’s promise: “You can never rule anything out. We have options for multiple years on him because we believe he’s a talent.”

Despite the uncertainty of racing dynamics and contract renewals—Ricciardo’s extension beyond 2025 remaining unconfirmed—Tsunoda’s immediate future seems secure with VCARB as he continues to leverage Ricciardo’s mentorship. Horner praised the symbiotic relationship between the veteran and the emergent driver, noting, “He’ll openly admit that he’s learned from Daniel, in terms of having an experienced driver and how they interact with the team and the engineers.”

As Tsunoda enriches his skill set and leverages his accumulated experience, his capacity to handle pressure and exploit race conditions has become increasingly apparent. “Yuki’s not a rookie anymore. He’s got quite a lot of experience now under his belt, and you can see he’s putting that to good use—and in difficult conditions like today, I thought he drove a very good race,” Horner articulated, underscoring a robust endorsement of Tsunoda’s evolving role within the competitive orbit of Red Bull Racing.

The upcoming races and potential strategy shifts will likely illuminate more on Tsunoda’s position and prospects, contributing to the growing intrigue surrounding one of motorsport’s most dynamic and closely-watched talent pipelines. As the wheels of fortune spin in the high-stakes world of Formula One racing, Tsunoda’s journey from a promising rookie to a formidable competitor under the Red Bull banner will be a captivating subplot in the racing narrative, watched keenly by fans and analysts alike.


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