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Jenson Button Sounds Alarm: Sergio Perez Risks Red Bull Exit if Form Doesn’t Improve

Sergio Perez faces a critical juncture in his Formula 1 career following a stern warning from former world champion Jenson Button and remarks from Red Bull team principal Christian Horner. The Mexican driver’s recent performances, notably his lackluster showing at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, have cast doubts on his security within the top-tier racing team.

At Silverstone, a venue renowned for its rich motorsport history, Perez struggled significantly. Starting from the pit lane due to a qualifying mishap where he lost control of his RB20 on a wet track and ended up in the gravel, Perez ultimately finished in a disappointing 17th place. This event marks the third occasion in the last five races where he has failed to garner any points, igniting speculation about his future with Red Bull, especially after having just secured a two-year contract extension.

Jenson Button, providing his insights post-race, didn’t mince words about the implications of Perez’s poor performance. “It’s a massive issue. This was just a terrible weekend. He was unlucky in some ways as well. This won’t happen every weekend. They are on the backfoot. Perez needs to be scoring some points at least, even if he’s not finishing right behind Max,” Button stated. He further emphasized the precarious nature of Perez’s situation with a stark warning: “They can’t let it go on forever. If at the next race he doesn’t score points again, soon enough, they will have to get him out of the car and put someone else in. It’s not a nice feeling for a driver. It’s tough. For a driver, it’s horrible, but for them, the constructors’ is important.”

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, echoed Button’s urgency, emphasizing the necessity for Perez to perform. “He knows it’s unsustainable to not be scoring points, we have to be scoring points in that car and he knows that. He knows his role and his target and so nobody is more eager than Checo to get back and find his form again,” Horner articulated.

The upcoming races in Hungary and Belgium are now seen as critical for deciding Perez’s fate at Red Bull. The pressure is palpable, not just for Perez to recover his form but also to meet the high expectations that come with a seat in one of F1’s leading teams. The next few weeks could very well determine his future in Formula 1 with Red Bull, a team that prides itself on performance and has little room for error as it battles for the constructors’ championship.

As Perez gears up for these crucial events, the motorsport community will be closely monitoring his progress. The expectation is clear: return to form or potentially face a seat change. For Perez, the path ahead is steep, and only consistent scoring can realign his 2023 season with the high standards set by Red Bull Racing. Thus far, the story of his season is one of battling adversity, and how it ends will significantly impact not just his career but also the dynamic within his team.


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