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Jeremy Clarkson Admits He’ll Never Get Knighthood “I’m Hardly A Model Citizen”

Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of The Grand Tour, has revealed that because of his past actions, he will likely never be awarded with a knighthood, unlike Lewis Hamilton who has recently been confirmed to be receiving an MBE next year.

Lewis Hamilton has come under attack on social media after it was revealed that he is to become a knight after his tax evasion was published back in 2013. However what these people are seeming to ignore is that in repentance, he is now one of the top 5,000 tax payers in the UK, despite not being a resident here. Clarkson has admitted to The Sun, that like Hamilton, he also has a sordid past.

“I think you only have to look on Wikipedia and go, ‘No, not this one’.

“I’m hardly a model citizen. I just can’t in my wildest dreams imagine anybody’s going to sit there and go, ‘Queen’s Honours, I think Jeremy Clarkson’.

“I just can’t hear those words being spoken in an oak-panelled room in Whitehall.

“I’d rather it went to a ­lollipop lady.”

The next episode of The Grand Tour, named A Massive Hunt is being released on 18 December, and follows Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May as they go in search of pirate treasure across Madagascar. Behind the wheels of three modified cars, a Bentley Continental, a Ford Focus RS, and a Caterham, they traverse incredible landscapes to reach their goal.

Despite this episode looking to be the best yet, Clarkson admitted on Twitter that they’d made a mistake on the name of the show.

“The Manic Hunt, definitely missed a trick here!” a fan told him as he offered a change of name.

Jeremy Clarkson was quick to respond on Twitter.

“Oh yeah. God. We are so stupid for missing that.”

Another fan then replied to him with, “an epic hunt”.

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