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Jeremy Clarkson Calls F1 Driver Mazepin “F****ng R***rd” Over Comments On Russia

Jeremy Clarkson has lashed out at Haas driver Nikita Mazepin after the Russian F1 driver commented on the events happening in Ukraine right now.

Russia invaded Ukraine earlier today leaving many boycotting anything Russian out of protest. Formula 1 drivers such as Sebastian Vettel told the press that they would not be attending the Russian Grand Prix because of this, and some are wondering whether the F1 will go to Russia at all with it being rumoured that Turkey will instead take its place.

Mazepin made the following statement in regard to the invasion of Ukraine:

“I’m not struggling at all, because I’ve always been a big supporter of sports without politics. I’m just very happy to be in Barcelona and I hope these three days are longer because it’s a nice experience.”

F1 fans across the globe have expressed their unhappiness towards this “distasteful” statement from MAzepin, but Jeremy Clarkson personally lashed out at the driver on Twitter:

“Nikita Mazepin. You f*****g r****d. Go and race in Russia on your own. You’d still lose.”

Fans were quick to agree with him, although many were eager to ask Jeremy not to use the word “r****d”.

“Yo can we not use that word?” one fan asked.

Another added: “Fully support everything in this tweet except the “R” word. Please don’t use that word Jezza.”

A third agreed, saying: “You could’ve left one word out and it would’ve been perfect…”

Mazepin has recently been fielded by Haas as the American F1 team also drop their main Russian sponsor. This was the team’s statement on the matter:

“Haas F1 Team will present its VF-22 in a plain white livery, minus Uralkali branding, for the third and final day of track running at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Friday 25 February.

“Nikita Mazepin will drive as planned in the morning session with Mick Schumacher taking over in the afternoon.

“No further comment will be made at this time regarding team partner agreements.”

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One Comment

  1. As a father of a severely autistic non verbal child, I take no offense to this. R****d is just a word. You r****d timing. it means set it back, slow it down. We give power to that word as offensive and we don’t need to. When i look at my son, I see him behind, but I dont think that makes the word offensive at all. You should have a moral obligation to yourself to be a decent person. Saying or not saying a word, doesnt make you bad or good. Just makes you who you are. Jeremy can say anything he wants, but its clear what kind of person he is. Hes real, down to earth, and willing to offend people to get hard truths across. But its obviously clear his heart and mind are pointed in the right direction. Im all for it.

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