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Jeremy Clarkson: The Grand Tour Presenter Reacts To The Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 Controversy

Max Verstappen took home the trophy after last weekend’s controversial race where Lewis Hamilton took second after a final lap standoff after a safety car. Jeremy Clarkson was quick to give his opinion on the drama that swarmed the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and its regulations on Sunday evening.

Angrily, Jeremy tweeted about the race which saw Verstappen take home the world title, calling out the race stewards after a decision revolving around the safety car and the final lap.

He wrote the following to his almost 8 million followers:

“Delighted with the result but the stewards need to be banned. We’ve had enough of them,” he wrote.

He continued to tweet on the matter, adding:

“It’s like the VAR handball yesterday. What is the point of these idiots?”

The race was expected to end under the safety car, in which Lewis Hamilton would have come first taking the world title himself. But instead, the stewards decided to add one more lap for Hamilton and Verstappen to fight it out. Unfortunately for Hamilton who was on old tyres, Verstappen had new rubber so easily overtook and won the race.

“Then instead of calling the race there and then they let them race for ONE lap! Fix fix fix fix fix fix, cheating b******s,” one fan responded to Jeremy.

“As you may know, I have campaigned for an end to the stewards for some time,” The Grand Tour presenter replied.

Jeremy finished the evening with a tweet to Lewis Hamilton:

“Very very dignified from @LewisHamilton,” he wrote in regards to the racing driver’s interview after the race.

Mercedes has since protested against the Red Bull and the choices made by the stewards, and while Mercedes chief Toto Wolf is yet to comment, his rush to protest says it all.

Let us know what you think? Was it the right decision to add one more lap, or has this attempt at creating a more entertaining race backfired in the FIA’s faces?

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  1. Any sports person wants to win fairly which did not happen here even if Verstappen as they say has over the year deserved victory .If you are going to have two drivers going head to head all should be equal to start . Why didn’t they make it equal after a short break then nobody could have complained ??

  2. If the Race director wanted them race, fine, but the leave the 5 cars in place is Max Tosstappen is that 🤬 good then he’d have won away. It was like asking Hussain Bolt to win the 100metres final wearing flip flops… No chance. LH should be champion he led the whole race until the win was handed to Tosstappen. Horner asked for a miracle, then Massi duely obliged.

  3. As it stands, to me it seems as if it was fixed by the stewards. How come they can add an extra lap. The race is either the initial advertised number of laps, or shorter if it is dangerous to continue. To add another lap shows poor judgement at he least.

  4. This is like making Usain Bolt stop and wait until the second place runner is alongside before letting him race for the finish line! The stewards’ actions were totally unacceptable and a more skeptical person might even call ‘FIX’,

    To paraphrase others, NOT MY CHAMPION!

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