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Ken Block Will Be Racing In An All-Electric Ford Fiesta With 600HP

It’s been announced by the FIA World Rallycross Championship that Ken Block will be racing in the 2020 Projekt E Series. This series acts as a support to the main running series, and features all-electric cars, with Block’s Ford Fiesta producing over 600 horsepower according to the company that built it, Austrian-based Stard Advanced Research and Development.

Alongside the announcement, the FIA released to side-on sketches of the car with its livery, giving us an idea of what (let’s face it), the future of rallycross racing could look like. As usual, the car adorns a Hoonigan theme with the checkered flag patter at the front and rear contrasting with the Monster Energy logo, and the famous Hoonigan logo at the bottom of the door.

The car is based on a Mk 8 Fiesta body according to Stard’s website, and will use three motors similarly to the new Tesla Cybertruck, to produce 613 horsepower and 739 lb-ft of torque in total. Power is sent to each of the four wheels thanks to a two-speed transmission on each axle, and the top speed comes in at a 150mph estimate. Acceleration is yet to be revealed, although we’re expecting it to be incredibly quick thanks to that good ol’ instant torque that we talk so much about these days.

Ken Block is yet to post anything about this to his social sites, although an announcement is due today, so we’ll be eagerly waiting for what he has to say.

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