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Lewis Hamilton “Close To The End” As Contract Rumours Hit Maximum Velocity

Guenther Steiner, the team boss of Haas F1, has added his voice to the buzz surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes. This British driver’s agreement with Mercedes is up in the air as it’s set to conclude by the end of this season, leading to a whirlwind of rumours and speculation.

One of the most recent and intriguing tales to hit the rumour mill is about John Elkann, Ferrari’s president. Word has it that Elkann has reached out to Hamilton with a jaw-dropping £40 million offer to join the Maranello-based team.

While these rumours abound, Hamilton and Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ CEO, have stood their ground. They have been steadfast, insisting they’ll stick together and affirming that contract negotiations are presently in progress.

Amid this whirl of speculation, Steiner has offered his viewpoint. In an interview with PA News Agency, Steiner stated:

“Lewis will stay with Mercedes until the end of his career. What other opportunities are out there for him? Think about that one. What other options are around? I don’t think he has many.”

He continued: “He is at a stage where he is so close [to the end] that doing anything different and getting used to something else would not be very positive for him. He is not happy this year because he hasn’t won a race. But he has had a lot of good years with Mercedes so he needs to stick with the people who made him.”

Meanwhile, the Brackley-based team is navigating a challenging period. The W13 and W14 zero sidepod design has proven problematic during the ground effect era. 2022 marked a difficult year in Hamilton’s illustrious career, as it was the first year he did not claim a single race victory. Looking ahead to 2023, the team has had its share of difficulties in establishing a competitive position against Red Bull, Aston Martin, and Ferrari.

Despite the rampant rumours, no official news regarding Hamilton’s contract has been released. Nevertheless, it is widely believed that a contract extension with Mercedes will be announced later this season. That said, some fans might be keeping their fingers crossed for a dramatic shake-up on the grid.

Alex Harrington

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