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Lewis Hamilton Video Has Fans Misty-Eyed After Emotional Speech Goes Viral

Lewis Hamilton surprised us all last weekend at the Australian Grand Prix where he finished the dramatic race in P2 behind Max Verstappen. The Mercedes driver was able to outpace Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin throughout the race, maintaining a lead of over 1 second to avoid DRS activation. Now, on the back of this victory, fans of the 7-time world champion took to Twitter to post a video of a speech he made in 2018.

After the Brazilian Grand Prix, the Constructor confirmed its 5th victory as a champion as Lewis Hamilton and Bottas took a 1-2 at the legendary race. Calling his team “legends”, the now 7-time champion made a speech, where he told everyone to refer to themselves as legends after their incredible performance. 

“It’s an incredible honour to work with all of you,” he told the team with now Williams team principal James Vowles and Peter ‘Bono’ Bonnington standing to his side. “Seeing you guys after the race, seeing that energy that you guys all had, that happiness can fill a lifetime.

“I really want you to just remember that moment and hold on to it because that’s what’s going to power us to many more championships. Never let that energy drop… I tell you, that propels me.

“This past six years has been epic and iconic. We are now legends. Just remember that. When you go home, when you look in the mirror, when you wake up, say ‘I’m a legend’. You’ve got to say that to yourself: ‘I’m a legend’.”

Fans were quick to compliment his speech:

Who can see Lewis taking on a team when he retires?

It is a really, really good pep talk. Who’s a legend? You’re a legend!

They really do. Made me feel like I could win a Grand Prix tomorrow.

He does very well to stay positive despite the issues with the W14 and the W13 prior. The car is becoming a great racer, but it was looking bad for the Brackley squad for almost a year. 

It certainly set me up for a good one, that’s for sure.

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