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Max Verstappen Dominates In Dramatic Dutch Grand Prix

Max Verstappen won the Dutch Grand Prix for Red Bull. After a dramatic race, both in the pits and on the track, the Dutchman managed to take the win at his home race.

In the pits we saw Ferrari have a terrible pit stop with Carlos Sainz where they were missing a tyre to put on the car. Whilst this was going on Sergio Perez was pitting his Red Bull behind Sainz and on his exit ran over a wheel gun that had been left in his way from the Ferrari team. All of this ended in a pit stop time of 12.7 seconds for Sainz.

Yuki Tsunoda had issues with his AlphaTauri which ended with a virtual safety car in the end. He went for his pit stop and on the first lap after this, we heard on the team radio that he thought one of the tyres was not fitted properly so he stopped. The team told Tsunoda that the tyres was fine so he re-joined the race but very quickly had to stop again on the side of the track.

We saw a safety car when Valtteri Bottas had issues with his Alfa Romeo which is where it all seemed to go wrong for Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton and Mercedes deciding for him to stay out on his medium tyres putting him in first when Max Verstappen pitted. A bit later into the safety car, George Russell instructed the team that he wanted to pit onto soft tyres which ended up putting him in priority over Hamilton by removing him as a buffer between the two Mercedes.

Top 10 At The Dutch Grand Prix

1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull

2. George Russell, Mercedes

3. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

4. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

5. Sergio Perez, Red Bull

6. Fernando Alonso, Alpine

7. Lando Norris, McLaren

8. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari

9. Esteban Ocon, Alpine

10.Lance Stroll, Aston Martin

Verstappen finished the race by saying over the team radio:

“They threw everything at us but we made the right calls.”

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