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McLaren Turns Its Formula 1 Team Into An ’80s TV Show

I think it’s fair to say that many people have some spare time these days to really cruise through a lot of shows and movies.  Once you’ve finished your faves, you probably turn to your social network and get recommendations.  Once those are gone, there is only one place left to turn and that’s the GrandTourNation!

McLaren recently added the ‘Netfilx and Chill’ section to their website.  You can see all the shows that Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris are bingeing right now. It’s no spoiler to let you know that Formula 1: Drive to Survive is Carlos’ favorite (I also highly recommend this to any motorsport enthusiast, even if you’ve never been ‘into’ F1), because he’s in it!

Do you have a series or show that we should get into, leave a comment below!  Personally I’m waiting for this show starring the McLaren team to air.  It looks AMAZING!  The synthesized music, the cars, the water, Carlos Sainz couldn’t be cast in a better role than “80s star”.  Thanks for the smile McLaren, well done!

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