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Porsche Rumoured To Be Purchasing Half Of Williams F1 Racing Team

It has been rumoured that Porsche are looking to finalise a deal with Williams Racing to purchase 50% of the F1 team.

If the deal goes through successfully, Porsche should be joining forces with Williams from 2026. Porsche will be the engine supplier for the team, coinciding with the time that the motorsport is looking to move to fully sustainable fuels and to increase the electric power by almost three times.

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Porsche had previously been in talks with Red Bull Racing to make a similar deal, however the deal fell short when Red Bull decided they didn’t want to sell half it its technology company.

According to recent reports, Porsche is not the only manufacturer under the Volkswagen group that is looking to get into F1. It has now been confirmed that Audi and Sauber will be coming together for the 2026 season. Sauber currently compete under the Alfa Romeo name but this partnership is due to finish at the end of 2023.

It was announced recently that Canadian driver Nicholas Latifi will not be driving for Williams next year. Williams confirmed before the Austin Grand Prix on Sunday that they have offered the seat to Logan Sargeant, so long as he can get enough points for his super-licence. Sargeant currently races in the Formula 2 championship and has two races left to get these points to secure his spot on the team.

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Williams team principal, Jost Capito, spoke about Sargeant joining the team and how Alex Albon was pushing for him to be his teammate. He said:

“Also the situation with Alex [Albon] supports having a rookie and a young driver, because Alex is a team leader, he has experience, still being young, and his attitude also towards Logan is that he’s not holding back.

“He’s supportive of Logan, he supports a young driver. This is his charisma and his characteristic, it’s absolutely in line with getting the young driver in the team. And also when we had discussions with Alex, Alex was also pushing to have Logan as second driver besides him. So that’s what he wanted as well.”

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