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Pressure Mounts on Sergio Perez as Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Demands Consistent Points Finishes

Amidst a season marked by fluctuating performances, Red Bull Racing’s Sergio Perez finds himself under increasing pressure to elevate his game and consistently secure points in the Formula 1 championship. Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, has unabashedly outlined the heightened expectations placed on Perez following a streak of challenging Grands Prix, underscoring the critical role the Mexican driver plays in the team’s competitive strategy.

Perez’s recent struggle was notable as he started from the pit lane in a recent race, ending two laps behind leaders Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. This performance and others have led to an uninspiring phase where the seasoned driver has failed to clinch any top-five finishes in the last five races. Presently, Perez sits just seven points ahead of George Russell in the Drivers’ Standings, and significantly, without a single race win this season while teammate Verstappen has dominated with seven victories.

The stakes are naturally high for Perez as Christian Horner pointedly reminds him and the public of the expectations. “He knows it’s unsustainable to not be scoring points, we have to be scoring points in that Keith car and he knows that,” Horner told This exhortation emphasizes the pragmatic need for Perez to leverage his car’s capabilities to the fullest.

However, Perez continues to face trials not just in driving but also in decision-making on the track. At Silverstone, for instance, a strategic call that initially seemed promising petered out and impacted his race outcome severely. The team opted for hard tires at the race start, a move that initially seemed advantageous. “We took a gamble in the race,” Horner explained. Perez had shown signs of progress until they anticipated more rain and switched to intermediate tires. The expected downpour never materialized, leaving Perez to deal with additional pit stops and significant time losses.

Moreover, Perez’s position in Red Bull, despite recent speculations about his future, remains stable for now. Horner addressed rumors about Perez potentially being replaced by reserve driver Liam Lawson by highlighting the purely routine nature of Lawson’s upcoming test in the RB20. “In all seriousness, the Liam aero run, it has been planned for a couple of months now,” Horner clarified, trying to put rest to swirling speculations.

Acknowledging the inherent pressures of the sport, Horner remarked on the unique challenges faced by Perez. “So of course, Checo, he’s under pressure. That’s normal in Formula 1 and when you’re under delivering that pressure only mounts and he’s aware of that, he knows that and this weekend, just nothing’s really gone his way,” he said. These comments not only reflect the transient nature of success in Formula 1 but also the critical role of adaptability and resilience.

As Red Bull continues to navigate through the competitive turbulence of the season, Perez’s capability to recover his form remains imperative. With the team’s standings in the Constructors’ Championship also affected by these performances, each race and decision moving forward carries significant weight. Horner remains proactive in his leadership, echoing confidence in Perez’s ability to rebound. “He knows his role and his target and so nobody is more eager than Checho to get back and find his form again,” Horner concluded, expressing a blend of stern expectation and support for his driver.


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