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RoboRace Racecar Starts – Instantly Crashes In Hilarious Move

Roborace had a rough day after one of its racecars crashed into the wall almost instantly after starting. What was thought to be a new era of racing ended in disaster when the autonomous vehicle drove directly off the track and into the wall. Engineers claim that just before the start of the race the steering got locked all the way to the right. When the human driver took over he floored it straight into the wall. 

Roborace is a competition for human plus AI teams to race against each other. It honestly sounds very cool and much like Tron. There are manually controlled vehicles that humans control and race against an AI-powered car. You can tell that Roborace is in its infancy but as time goes on we hope to see them make a full lap… or at least get off the line. 

Roborace is introducing 2 revolutionary AI-driven robots, the first being robocar. Robocar is the world’s first autonomous racing car, and also the car above that drove straight into the wall. The other revolutionary car Roborace is introduced is the Devbot. This is what they claim to be a human plus machine-driven car with a self-driving feature. 

Roborace hopes to accelerate the development of AI and their vision goes beyond the racetrack. They hope to take technology from the track and introduce it to road vehicles making road travel theoretically 100% safe. Unless there are any walls around. These very smart and futuristic cars were full of mishaps during one of their first live broadcasted events. With one car awkwardly skidding off the side of the track while moving rather slowly. This really makes you wonder if you would ever want these AI cars on the road with you. They claim that this is inevitable and that makes me a bit uneasy. 

On their YouTube channel, they said, “this is either going to be a glimpse into the future of a spectacular failure. Either way, you’re gonna want to watch.” Not to be negative here, but I am leaning toward the latter. I think we should let Elon Musk pioneer autonomous vehicles, then we will let Roborace change the wheel color or something.

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