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Sergio Perez Focused on F1 Success with Red Bull Support as Brazil GP Approaches

Sergio Perez, the Red Bull Formula 1 driver, has expressed strong confidence in receiving team support from Max Verstappen in the championship battle. This statement comes as the F1 season nears its climax, with Perez currently ahead of Lewis Hamilton by 20 points.

Key Takeaways:

  • Confident Collaboration: Sergio Perez is “sure” of gaining support from his teammate Max Verstappen in his quest for the runner-up position in the F1 world championship, competing directly against Lewis Hamilton.
  • Crucial Lead: With a 20-point lead over Hamilton and only three races remaining, including a decisive sprint weekend in Brazil, Perez’s position in the championship is precarious but promising.
  • Verstappen’s Stance: While Verstappen has not made a clear commitment to supporting Perez, he reflected on last year’s Brazilian GP controversy, signaling a wish to avoid similar team dynamics issues this season.

Sergio Perez is approaching the crucial final stages of the Formula 1 season with a resolute belief in his team’s unity and strategy. The Mexican racer, currently second in the championship standings, holds a slender 20-point advantage over his nearest competitor, Lewis Hamilton. With the season’s end in sight, featuring key races such as the sprint weekend in Brazil, Perez is relying on the support and team spirit from his colleague, Max Verstappen, to clinch the runner-up spot in the world championship. Achieving a 1-2 finish for Red Bull in the drivers’ championship would mark a historic first for the team.

Reflecting on last season’s Brazilian Grand Prix, where internal tensions surfaced as Verstappen refused to yield to Perez, the team dynamics at Red Bull have been a subject of much speculation. This discord had roots in an earlier incident in Monaco, where Perez’s qualifying crash inadvertently hampered Verstappen’s chances for pole position. Despite these past issues, Perez remains optimistic about this season’s prospects. In a conversation with Autosport, he stated, “We haven’t thought about it, but I think if the situation arises, I’m sure I would have support from Max.”

Perez’s journey this season is not just about his performance on the track but also involves overcoming emotional challenges, such as the first-lap incident in his home race, which he described as “super painful.” The unwavering support from fans and team leaders like Christian Horner and Helmut Marko has strengthened Perez’s determination. As the F1 circus heads to Sao Paulo, Perez stands ready to showcase his resilience and skill, eager to move past any setbacks and solidify his position in the championship.

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