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These Are The Greatest F1 Cars Through History

The evolution of these vehicles is one of the most exciting aspects of F1, and there have been some truly amazing cars throughout the history of the competition. The innovation driven by F1 is undeniable, and in this guide, we’re running through some of the favorite cars in F1 history.

This isn’t like choosing our favorite casino game, where there are plenty of choices you can explore using a Mohegan Sun casino bonus code – this takes in-depth knowledge of years of history. You can go through your favorite slot games in a few hours, but the best F1 cars represent decades of tech advancements.

– Mercedes F1

Some of the vehicles have caused shock at the changes they introduced. The new Mercedes W13 caused some real surprise when it was introduced in 2022. Sometimes it is all about pushing the boundaries. So, what are some of the fan favorites from the history of F1?

Benetton B195

This is the car you would have seen Michael Schumacher drive before he signed with Ferrari. In 1994, he won his first driver championship, and he would then go on to defend it in this incredible car. Drastic changes were introduced when it came to designing this vehicle, with smaller wings and an engine size that had a drastically reduced capacity. This car would go on to see some incredible successes. 

Schumacher won nine of the races in 1994-1995, and appeared on the podium 11 times, when there were only 17 races in the whole season, and Benetton won the Constructors Championship with this car. Its revolutionary design has become iconic and plenty of people still talk about it today. 

Ferrari 500

Just look at the absolute beauty of the Ferrari 500, the oldest car in the history of F1. In 1952, the rules changed and the championship had to change the vehicles to the F2 specifications, and there were some huge modifications required. In protest, and because of the lack of time they had to make a better vehicle, Alfa Romeo made the choice to pull out of this event, leaving F1 to be dominated by Ferrari, who took the chance to create an incredible vehicle with some absolutely beautiful features.

It had a four-cylinder engine made by Lampredi, and this was mounted on the front axle, which actually helped with the weight distribution in the car and helped this Ferrari go on to become an absolute classic.

Though not a lot of us can remember seeing it flying around the track, and even fewer people can actually remember the iconic red – as most of us were watching footage in black and white – there’s no denying that this car made its mark and allowed Alberto Ascari to win seven races in a row, a record that stood for over 50 years. Ascari was tragically killed during testing for an F1 event. 

McLaren MP4/4

Could this McLaren be the best of all time? If you take a look at the records, and what it has actually won, this statement is hard to argue with, and it certainly goes down in history as one of the favorites. Many fans of F1 now will remember watching their first races and seeing one of these cars screaming around the circuit.

This is one of the most exciting cars from a thrilling era, having taken 15 wins out of the 16 races it was a part of. The car was inspired by Brabham and had a Honda V6 turbo engine.

The revolutionary design featured a honeycomb chassis made out of carbon fiber for the utmost in strength and weight reduction, and these changes were made due to the changes the FIA had put in place for turbo engines for the season of 1988.

Before this, the McLaren MP4/2 had an amazing degree of success too, and both Niki Lauda and Alain Prost drove these vehicles at a time when racing was evolving. However, statistically, the MP4/4 was an even better vehicle, in spite of one race where it suffered an engine failure in a freak turn of events in Italy.

There are so many iconic vehicles in the history of F1 that it is hard to pick out just a few. Over time, who knows what the future is going to bring? The automotive industry is changing at a rapid rate, and F1 cars are definitely a massive part of this change. However, fans’ favorite vehicles are surely going to continue to crop up every year.

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