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Tiff Needell Walks You Around The Nurburgring In Brilliant Video

Tiff Needell joins Mike Fernie of DriveTribe fame as they take a trip across the channel from England to Germany. There, in the land of beer and frankfurters, they drive to the Nurburgring in a BMW M8.

Obviously, the video is sponsored by the Eurotunnel (no connection to us, by the way), so before they cross the water in a big metal tube, they visit the Flexiplus lounge where they show off the high-class lounge. It looks alright. Although I thought there would be someone there to make you a coffee instead of a machine. Anyway.

The interesting bit starts when they get on the train. Tiff discusses his history on the Green Hell in Group C racing. 300 miles later and they arrive at the ‘Ring. They walk the track with Tiff unloading all of his valuable knowledge of the legendary corners and the stories that accompany them.

At the end, the two tease the next video where Tiff could get behind the wheel of a Porsche 962, the car he competed in in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Now that is going to be something you’ll want to see.

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