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Verstappen and Russell Collect Penalty Points in Las Vegas Grand Prix Drama

Drivers Face License Consequences After Controversial Incidents

Apart from the time penalties Max Verstappen and George Russell received during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, both drivers have also accrued penalty points on their super licenses.

Russell found himself on the receiving end of a five-second penalty for his involvement in a collision with Verstappen during the thrilling race in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Verstappen faced a similar penalty for his aggressive maneuver that pushed Charles Leclerc off the track in the opening lap of the Grand Prix.

Russell’s penalty was served as he crossed the finish line, resulting in a drop of four places in the final race standings. On the other hand, Verstappen’s penalty was addressed during his first pit stop, making it a costly pit visit for the Dutchman. However, the repercussions extend beyond the immediate race results, as both drivers have now collected penalty points on their licenses, which will remain a factor for the next year.

According to the regulations outlined in the Formula 1 rulebook, drivers are permitted to accumulate up to 11 penalty points on their super licenses within a rolling one-year period. Should a driver amass 12 or more points, they face the prospect of a one-race ban.

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, both Max Verstappen and George Russell were assigned two penalty points each for their respective infractions. This development takes Verstappen’s total penalty points tally to two, a significant change from the clear slate he enjoyed after the previous race in Sao Paulo. On the other hand, George Russell now finds himself burdened with a total of four penalty points on his super license.

Both drivers took accountability for their actions. Sharing insights into the incident that transpired in the opening lap, Verstappen addressed the media, stating:

“I didn’t mean to push Charles [Leclerc] off the track, but I couldn’t slow down. I kept sliding on four wheels, wide.

“So that’s why we had to go wide.

“At the time, also from adrenaline, I was not happy with the decision.

“But, looking back at it, that was probably the right call. After that, of course, with those five seconds, it was definitely a bit harder to come back to the front.”

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Russell took full responsibility:

“The incident with Max [Verstappen] was totally my fault. I didn’t see him, he was totally in my blind spot going around Turn 11.

“I wasn’t really expecting the overtake there because we’ve got the big long straight with the DRS afterward.

“We were on course for an easy podium then, it was pretty straightforward. So we recovered to P4.

“But then the five-second penalty knocks us down to P8. Just this season is sort of one thing after another but then, ultimately, the pace wasn’t quite… it was strong, but not as strong as the Red Bull and the Ferraris.”

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