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Watch A Racing Instructor Grab The Wheel To Avoid Serious Crash – Near Miss

What’s the best modification to do to your car? Easy answer: the driver. The best thing you can do to take some time off your lap isn’t a turbo conversion or a huge wing, it’s some driver training. The video below proves just how important this is.

A track day is a lot of fun, but when a driver of a VW Funcup on Belgium’s Zolder circuit gets caught up in a crash that happens in front of them, the instructor, FunQ Track Events’ driving coach Steve Claeys, boldly takes the wheel and guides the car to safety away from what could have been a nasty accident. A Citroen C1 loses rear traction on the exit of Lucien Bianchi Corner and hits the right barrier. It rebounds towards the other side of the track and flips before it narrowly misses the VW thanks to the instructor’s input.

The driver of the VW, obviously distracted by the accident, manages to pad the brakes, but the instructor certainly saved the car as he guides it onto the grass and countersteers against the resulting oversteer. This was all at around 110km/h, too.

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It’s safe to say things would have gone bad if there wasn’t an experienced driving instructor at hand. So if you are fancying a track day but you don’t have a lot of experience, do yourself a favour and get a lesson or two (or three).

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