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F1 News: Williams Upgrades Could Bring “One Second” of Improvements

2022 has not gone to plan for Williams, who again find themselves at the back of the grid after the regulation changes.

The Grove-based team has failed to capitalise on the opportunity and unpredictability of new regulations and continues in the relatively uninspiring position at the back, where it has found itself in recent years.

However, Williams has already scored points this season, unlike in some previous years, and Alex Albon has consistently been a part of the top 10 battle.

With this in mind, minor improvements could help Williams challenge more consistently for points, and the projected gains of their Silverstone update package are far from negligible.

F1 analyst Lawrence Barretto has reported the great potential of Williams’ first upgrade package, which would completely transform their season.

It seems somewhat far-fetched the team will gain one second relative to the rest of the field. Still, with the likes of Haas not introducing many new components in the upcoming rounds, Williams has a window of opportunity to establish itself as a legitimate midfield threat.

Based on his championship position, Alex Albon was given the new updates before teammate Nicholas Latifi, who will not receive the package for some time.

Still, considering the Thai driver has done most of the heavy lifting for Williams regardless this season, the team will again look to him for results.

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