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Lamborghini Huracan STO Review: The Fun Of A Hotwheels Car And A Driving Experience That “Sucks You In”

Henry Catchpole has reviewed the coveted Lamborghini Huracan STO for Carfection this month and while the video begins with him rubbishing the fake engine intake that laces forward over the roof of the car, he’s overall in awe of the driving experience, describing the car as “brilliant”.

But before he gets to the compliments, the video pulls away to him stood on the side of the road with the car beside him where he questions how fake the idea behind the car is.

“It’s a complete charlatan. And I’ll tell you for why, because in a world of fake intakes and scoops, this is the biggest fake of all. Look at it. You think it should go to some sort of nice plenum, don’t you? Nope. Nothing. Not connected to anything at all. They say it’s to help extract heat from the engine.

“It’s exactly the same engine as an Huracan EVO, 631 break horse power, 417 lb ft of torque, like the other rear wheel drive one. Doesn’t need any more heat extracting does it? STO. The O stands for Omologato. What’s it homologating? Nothing. This car is a fake,” he jokes.

Brakes and Tyres

There’s plenty of stopping power on this Lamborghini thanks to our friends at Brembo. And with plenty of cooling, they’ll struggle to go off, as well.

“The brakes: Brembo’s CCM R brakes, which are absolutely fantastic. Full of feel, full of power.”

Adding that the brakes are the same kind found on the McLaren Senna, Henry tells us that they’re supposed to be brilliant at dissipating any heat built up under hard braking.

“Then there are the wheels which you can get in magnesium. And if you get the half cage, then that’s in titanium. Neither, it should be said, are fitted to this particular car. The tires have been specifically designed by Bridgestone. So you get the Sports for the road. Or Race for the track, which you like Michelin’s Cup 2 Rs. This really has got more down force, as well.”


“Gone is the clever ALA system, but the new front arch vents combined with a large manually adjustable rear wing to offer three levels of down force ranging from 324 kilos at 174 miles an hour, up to 420 kilos. That’s over 50% up on the Performante.

“Then there’s the fact that this is lighter – 43 kilos lighter than the hurricane Performante.

“Alright, so that has some driveshafts in the front and this does it, but this also, it just feels light. It feels much lighter than that. We’ve got a windscreen with thinner glass. So that’s 30% lighter and everything apart from the roof and the outer door skins is composite.”

Henry introduces the new front clamshell, which Lamborghini has called the Kofango. This lowers the weight of the car to 1339kg dry weight.

How Does It Look?

“So some of it’s, well… not telling the whole truth perhaps. But I just think it looks great. As a design I think it looks really cohesive. On the bigger Aventador it might look a bit too much, but on the compact Huracan, I think it’s ace. And there’s another reason I think these looks are appealing, too.”

With a number of small toy cars in front of him, Henry tells us that the Lamborghini reminds him of Hot Wheels cars.

“It just makes you smile as a result.”

How Does It Drive?

“All those ingredients, little, large, genuine, and questionable somehow come together to make it spine tingling, unforgettable to drive.

“They’ve got rid of the dynamic steering and just given it this unbelievably quick rack. The response is incredible. 13.4 to 1 is the steering ratio. But it’s the way it taps into corners. The whole car moves. It’s not just the front end. It moves as one.

“It’s so quick that yes, it does take a little while just to get used to, a bit like the Ferrari steering, but as soon as you’re dialed in, it is fantastic.

“And I love the way the whole car just gets in. And it’s a bit like if you’ve ever been skiing, then being able to use the rear, the tail of the ski straight away in a corner. The whole car moves, it’s so agile. The ride is hardcore. When you get in, you’re quickly left under no illusions that this is a very serious car.

“And you think initially it might be too much for the road, but the amazing thing is, is that it’s not.

“This copes brilliantly with bumps. Yes, it’s busy, but it’s always there. It stays in contact with the ground. It’s not trying to pitch you off the road.

“This is a really bumpy stretch. And yet it coats fantastically.

“It really gives you confidence over these crests, into the corners. You can just place it so accurately.”


It’s safe to say Henry loves the Huracan and the supercar experience it gives you. Describing the driving experience as something that “sucks you in”, Henry nails yet another review.

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