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This Man-Carrying Aerobatic Drone Is The First Of Its Kind

The Drone Champions League, known for their videogames and super-speed aerobatic drone races, has done something truly special, by creating the first of its kind Aero Drone that can fit a full-sized human.

With the way this F1-inspired craft handles, it recalls the Pentagon’s recent release of supposed UFO footage. It weighs only 98 kg while empty and 180kg at take-off. The 12 motors generate 22 PS/HP and 300 kg of thrust, which for those of us not familiar with drone stats, translates to a top speed of 140 km/h.

While it may seem like an oxymoron to have a manned drone, the key difference here is who actually pilots the craft. In DCL’s case, a remote-operator will handle the maneuvers, while some poor passenger subjects themselves to endless flips and rolls.

DCL has the simple mission of advancing drone flying as a hobby through their game, and recruiting pilots to fly in their real life races based on their digital performance. Eventually, we could see whole races with these sort of manned drones. Which, would be cooler if the passengers actually had the remote controls themselves, rather than another person using a VR headset.

They have actually made three of these Big Drones for sale, with the cost of €1,000,000. For that, you get some hands-on training time on how to handle this unique vehicle. The training course runs one full week with champion Mirko Cesena , and on top of that, you also get the DCL game to practice with. Oh, and free shipping.

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