5 Times Richard Hammond’s Car Builds Have Failed Throughout Top Gear And The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson was on the right track in the Grand Tour’s ;Mongolia special‘. He aptly described Hammond and May’s skills in the workshop and stated that May “knows how to build a car” however, she takes too much time to finish the job while Hammond “sorta knows how to build a car” however, he can complete the task quicker.

We’ve witnessed Hammond performing throughout the history of Top Gear and the Grand Tour. And while we know that he’s very hands-on, taking after his family, his workshop abilities can occasionally fail him. So, to honour these failures that creates some of the greatest TV moments, we’ve put together five of the best.

Suzuki Vitara (Top Gear Series 11 Episode 1)

Hammond bought a Suzuki Vitara for the legendary Top Gear Police Car Challenge. This was a fantastic car and affordable at only £1,000. Hammond modified the car for the Police Car Challenge by installing an auto-deploying spike strip however, surprise surprise, it didn’t work.

In addition to the fact that it did not self-deploy at all for half of the time, it wasn’t long enough to do any damage anyway. So, Jeremy and James, the criminals in this scenario, could easily get away.

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