Abbie Eaton May Not Be Returning For Season 4 Of The Grand Tour

With the third season of The Grand Tour coming to a heartfelt end, we wave goodbye to both the iconic tent and the Eboladrome. And yes, while some may not be too disappointed about this revelation, especially after the controversy that the Eboladrome caused, there’s one accompanying change that we’re sure you wont be happy about.

Abbie Eaton, the show’s test driver who quickly built up a large following of her own, may not be returning for the fourth season. Reason being, without the Eboladrome, there’s no need for a professional racing driver to push the cars to their limits. Abbie said this on Twitter…

It’s fair to say that she doesn’t know herself whether she’ll be returning to burn more rubber or not. However, there is hope. During Season 3 she was involved in two non-track segments. She appeared first in a Porsche 911, where she raced against Jeremy who was driving a Lamborghini Urus, in Sweden. Her second appearance took her to the far reaches of Georgia and Azerbaijan where she raced against the trio in a clapped out banger (and still won).

We don’t know what’s going to happen during Season 4, but we hope Abbie returns to join the trio in their adventures. If you feel the same, make sure you tell us below.

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