Abbie Eaton Responds To ‘The Grand Tour Is Homophobic’

Yesterday we told you that the singer Will Young announced on Twitter that he was going to try to take legal action against The Grand Tour, after he thought their jokes about Jeremy and the Jeep Wrangler were homophobic. All of you were more than shocked at this, and were happy to voice your thoughts in the comments of that article. You can find that here.

Well today, The grand Tour’s very own racing driver Abbie Eaton has replied to Will Young’s rant via her on Twitter account.

In a response to Evie Swayland, a member of the production team of The Grand Tour, who said that she found Will Young offensive after his Twitter rant, Abbie Eaton settled Young’s argument with one simple post. Jeremy and the gang can’t be homophobic, because Abbie Eaton herself is gay.

Of course, we wouldn’t usually bring this up because people’s sexual orientation is none of our business, but we found Abbie Eaton’s post so funny that we couldn’t resist but share it with you.

You can see Clarkson, Hammond and May playing quite happily with Abbie Eaton on the new Grand Tour Game. So, Will Young. Your move.

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