Beer, Tennis, And Smugness: Jeremy Clarkson’s Majorca Vacation

It’s a little-known fact that beer gives some people superpowers. Just take a look at Jeremy Clarkson, who on a normal day, doesn’t look like he would be able to take on Roger Federer on the tennis court. After some beer, though? He probably still can’t, but it’ll at least spruce him up enough to defeat his girlfriend.

In an Instagram post a day ago, Jeremy posted a picture of himself relaxing in the Mallorcan sun, sipping on a beer with the caption “Weirdly, can play tennis.”

In another post on the same day, Jeremy decided to poke the hornet’s nest with a picture of Lisa Hogan and the caption “Still can’t play tennis though.”

It doesn’t take a detective to figure out that Jezza beat Hogan in a game of tennis and is incredibly proud of that achievement. That’s right folks, where else would you get tabloid-y news like this?

Jeremy goes on to say that he regularly plays tennis after some drinking, and even goes about giving tips on the right way to do it:

“Seriously, it’s better to play tennis after drinking beer than after drinking wine.”

Well then, I have clearly been doing it all wrong. All joking aside, it looks like the happy couple is enjoying their holiday in stunning Mallorca!

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