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These Guys Could Be The Next Clarkson, Hammond And May

Jeremy, James, and Richard are no longer spring chickens and are getting up there in age, so it would be safe to assume they won’t be doing The Grand Tour forever. Eventually, some replacements will need to be found, whether we like it or not. Can The Car Boys be a replacement?

Probably not. Truthfully, no one will really be able to replace the boys, and this being the internet/social media age, any human being chosen to replace any of the three boys will immediately be met with hatred and death threats. That’s just how things work these days.

That aside, check out The Car Boys. Bart, Ify, and James decide to participate int he Gambler 500 in Portland, Oregon, where they must race 500 miles offroad in a $500 car. If that’s not a Top Gear/The Grand Tour styled challenge, then I don’t know what is!

The car of choice is a Toyota Corolla, not exactly the sort of car that gives you a ton of offroad confidence. I won’t spoil too much, but I implore you to give this video a chance and give it a watch. It’s genuinely entertaining, and the relationship between Bart, Ify, and James reminds me very much of the friendship between our favorite trio.





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