Clarkson And May Tease New AMG Mercedes For Season 2 Of The grand Tour

What’s better than a Mercedes E63 AMG? You guessed it – two E63 AMGs.

That’s exactly what Jeremy and James have in the photo Jeremy posted to DriveTribe yesterday. His in white, James’ in red. And don’t they look spectacular!

The cars I mean, not the men. Although if you look in the comments, we have quite a number of people commenting on the pair’s weight loss. Even Hammond commented something similar!

Now, with Gok Wan out the way, let’s look at these cars!

These super-saloons are rather spectacular vehicles, boasting handmade, biturbo AMG 4.0-litre V8s that produce 603hp, enough to rocket the saloons to 60mph in just 3.3 seconds.

With a price tag of $104,400, you don’t expect anything less than perfection and the highest degree of refinement. And Mercedes doesn’t disappoint, with the latest of technologies being packed into the vehicle such as a mobile app which can remotely communicate with the saloon, heated and ventilated massaging seats, and much more making any drive in the Mercedes a more than pleasant one.

Jeremy and James are going to be more than comfortable. Hammond on the other hand, well he looks like he’s been banished to the passenger seat. Or whatever that yellow thing is between them. Maybe a tire trolley?

What would you like them to drive in Season 2 of The Grand Tour? Let me know in the comments below!

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