Fans Of The Grand Tour Call For The Return Of The Tent And Car Reviews

While we’ve only been treated to one episode of The Grand Tour in its new ‘special-only’ form, fans are already calling for the old format to return after the loss of the tent and a true focus on cars. Of course, it didn’t help that the special, named The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen, didn’t have any cars in it at all, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May taking to boats as they travelled through Vietnam.

With the next episode due in only a week, the Madagascar special that now goes by the name of A Massive Hunt, will see the crew return to cars: a Ford Focus RS driven by Hammond, a Caterham driven by May, and a Bentley Continental GT driven by Clarkson. But despite this news, fans of the show are still yearning for the days of the tent, and actual car reviews.

We asked on our fan page of The Grand Tour on Facebook whether or not fans want the tent back. Here are some of the answers we received:

“Yes! That format works so well, and brings the show together as a whole,” said Megan. James also agreed, adding his two cents:

“Yes. In all honesty, I enjoy the talking between these three more than the adventures. They are getting older and I (personally) would be ok with having them chat in the tent, then test cars on the roads around the UK for a couple more years. It would be easier on them and we’d get the chat segments back.”

Obviously, the presenter’s age and ability to keep creating episodes is at the top of some fans’ minds. Dominick however argues that he’d rather the old format back, which enabled the trio to create a full series of episodes each year.

“I liked it when it was a real show with regularly released episodes and specials within a season of content. Waiting a year for a special is B******T. Are you listening, Amazon?”

Similarly, Darryl also agrees:

“Bring back the tent and the audiences. The specials are great but not enough of them. A weekly show needs to return.”

Overall, it seems as though the majority of fans are against the change of format, and would much prefer the old format to return. More importantly, there’s one reason that shouts out above the rest, and that’s the frequency of episodes, or the lack thereof. Agree? Tell us why below.

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