Is This The Fastest Mustang EcoBoost In The World?

Yes, I can hear it already (since there is no shortage of people complaining about this); “A Mustang should never have a 4 cylinder! It’s an insult to the legendary Mustang name! Why are we catering to the rest of the world, this is Murican muscle!” And so on and so forth.

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Once all that is out of the way, you have the Ecoboost Mustang, a turbocharged four cylinder that’s actually a pretty fun car to drive. On top of that, however, is the ability to mod the Ecoboost. I have a bunch of friends who have modded their Ecoboosts to the point where my V8 Mustang looks slow next to theirs.

Take, for example, this guy’s Ecoboost:

This thing packs a massive turbo that can output 35 psi of boost, and along with a host of other engine mods, this thing’s performance speaks for itself on track. Racing in the stick shift class, this Ecoboost originally put down a 11.30, a time that it later demolished with a 10.96 at 129 MPH.

The two runs shown include a victory over a C7 Corvette with the 11.30 time, and a loss to a turbo M3, but with a 10.96 time. Win or lose, a 10 second Ecoboost Mustang is nothing to scoff at!

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