The Grand Tour Continues a Grand Tradition of Christmas Specials with Namibia

One of the biggest questions coming into season one of The Grand Tour was whether or not the boys would continue the tradition of trekking off to exotic lands for their annual Christmas special. It could be argued that these episodes are the foundational pillars of what made Top Gear the world’s most popular show with 350 million people watching worldwide, so everyone is curious to see what the Grand Tour version will be like.

Well, with a simple tweet, the boys have decided to have the Christmas special with their first adventure finding them in Namibia.

What everyone is going to look forward to now is where this special is going to fit in the best specials of all time. If you have a hard time remembering, we put together a list for you to start watching now.

Season 7 Episode 7 – Winter Olympics Special

The first “big” budget special that really didn’t travel anywhere, but instead was located in Norway before the 2006 Winter Olympics. The boys did some incredible stuff and have even more incredible laughs.

Season 9 Episode 3 – U.S. Special

For Americans, this could easily be one of the most embarrassing specials made. The boys traveled down south to Alabama and instigated some horrible actions from the under-educated locals.

Season 9/10 – Polar Special

In probably one of my personal favorites, the special shows the boys in the harshest of elements have truly genuine moments of despair, struggle and success. This special was especially controversial as Jeremy Clarkson and James May had a cup of gin while they drove while the global warming groups used the opportunity to criticize the use of 4x4s in the part of the world that doesn’t need it the most.

Season 10 Episode 4 – Botswana Special

The special that introduced the world to Oliver and one of the first episodes where there was real struggle and a possibility that the boys wouldn’t be able to get the job done.

Season 12 Episode 8 – Vietnam Special

If it’s not the North Pole special, then the Vietnam Special would rank as the best special ever created by Clarkson, Hammond and May. The fact that they didn’t use cars was the moment people realized that this car show really isn’t about cars, it’s about these three middle-aged men on a grand adventure.

Season 14 Episode 6 – Bolivia Special

“We must be very close to equator!” “Maybe we’re there?” “No, we’d see a big dotted line!” – That is all you need to know about this episode.


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