The Grand Tour Director Gives More Details on Upcoming Season at Nashville Taping

The Nashville taping is a wrap and the boys and fans seemed to have a grand ol’ time checking out used trucks and unique cars from fans.

Jeremy Clarkson took the opportunity to use the newly open (invite only) Drive Tribe to show off this amazing propeller car:

Credit: Jeremy Clarkson Drive Tribe

But the most interesting stuff came from fans who have left the taping and reported back to forums such as The Grand Tour Sub-Reddit.

Some things we learned at Nashville taping. from thegrandtour

It makes sense that the American Driver is here to stay, since this show has been planned out for well over a year and the boys can’t get everything right (look at Top Gear Season 1). Everything is else seems like it falls in line with what we’ve heard or have been told for the past few months.

Some more facts came out through the comments such as:

  • 3 Million people applied for the Nashville tickets and only 1000 people made the cut | ThrowawayTNTGT

  • 95% of the Crew all worked on Top Gear | BurritoAmbassador

  • Ferrari begrudgingly agreed to let the LaFerrari post a lap time with the same tires| BurritoAmbassador

  • Director said BBC’s review of TGT was “F**King Ridiculous*| BurritoAmbassador

  • No Teleprompters/cue cards are used | BurritoAmbassador

  • Taping only took 2.5 hours from start to finish | BurritoAmbassador

  • The boys left for NYC to do 26 PR interviews | BurritoAmbassador

  • Nashville will be Episode #9 | Skippy1813

With all the reviews coming in and all the records being broken, the last note about the films getting better really gets us excited about how this might change the face of on-demand television forever.

Did anyone else attend the taping? Let us know in the comments below.

h/t: Reddit User ThrowawayTNTGT


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