The Grand Tour Partners With The Drone Racing League To Bring Us Drone Games

The Drone Racing League and The Grand Tour have partnered up to bring us Drone Games, a collection of games that sound so awesome it’s a damn shock that no one has thought of this before.

Game #1 is called Cut and Run; think Mario Kart battle mode where each team’s car has a number of balloons. The balloons are picked off by the other team’s weapons; in this case, a collection of drones piloted by the opposing team via VR goggles.

Game #2 is Drone Darts, which honestly sounds exactly like what it is. The drone pilot must fly its drone over a building, then drop it onto a dartboard lying on the ground. It appears that standard darts rules apply here.

Game #3 is Corn Hole where each team has a number of drones racing after a car with an open sunroof. The objective? Get as many drones into the car via the open sunroof as possible. The winning team in Corn Hole get to blow up the losers’ car.

It appears that The Grand Tour will feature Drone Games segments in Season 2, so we’ll have to wait and see what shenanigans are afoot!

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