The Grand Tour Season 2, Episode 2 Brings Back Car VS Public Transport Race

In two days, Episode 2 will drop on our screens. Not only will Episode 2 show us the aftermath of Richard’s horrible crash with him on crutches, but we’ll also get to see the amazing new Ford GT.

More importantly, however, Episode 2 will bring back a favorite segment: car VS public transportation.

In the second episode, Jeremy will be driving the all-new 647 HP Ford GT from New York City to Niagara Falls, with James and Richard making the same journey via public transport. I love these segments, with a personal favorite of mine being the GT500 episode. Maybe we’ll even get to see James run again.

Elsewhere in the episode, we have Celebrity Face Off with baseball player Brian Wilson and cricketer Kevin Pietersen. Apparently, we’re going to find out who the fastest man who makes a living from hitting, throwing and catching small balls is.

And finally, we’re going to see the return of the Eboladrome as Jeremy tests out the Mercedes AMG GT R.

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