The Grand Tour-Season 2, Episode 3’s Car Park Racing Used Professional Drivers

As soon as I saw the Car Park Racing segment in this week’s episode of The Grand Tour, I knew something was up. All the office workers who partook in the race drove way too well for your typical office drone. “I bet they used stunt drivers,” I thought to myself and moved on with my day. After all, The Grand Tour is a scripted show, so why should I be surprised? As a matter of fact, I expect it.

The segment did use a real business park with two actual companies, Storage King and Cura Technical. That’s about where the “realism” ends, though. Let’s be honest; if the show were to use actual random office workers, the race probably would either have been really boring or filled to the brim with crashes.

Instead, we get this guy…”Steve” from Cura Technical:

Steve is actually (as far as our source Gizmodo can tell) Niki Faulkner, a stunt driver from Driving Wizards. Yes, folks; rather than allow a bunch of random, non-skilled drivers like office workers tear about at great speeds in a car park where other people cars are parked, they used a professional. Insane, right?

Next, you’re going to tell me that Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead is actually a British actor named Andrew Lincoln or something.



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