The Grand Tour-Season 2, Episode 6 Trailer

It’s time to feast your eyes upon some Episode 6 footage! The episode trailer dropped today and it looks like an absolute hoot. The boys travel to Colorado in three old Jaguars and partake in a whole bunch of Clarkson, May, and Hammond shenanigans.

The trailer (once again backed by the excellent Wings song Live and Let Die) starts with some footage of Jeremy doing…well, I’m not sure what it is he’s doing, but he calls it “liquid poetry” while the other two stand around with bemused expressions.

We are then treated to some thrilling shots of the three Jags partaking in a bit of downhill skiing. This challenge looks both extremely dangerous and fun at the same time, which is a good way to describe most of the things the boys do.

The trailer then ends with a looooong shot of Jeremy polishing off a full wine glass in one go. Check out the video and get ready for Friday!

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