The Grand Tour-Season 2, Episode 8: Cheetah vs Formula E

Laugh all you want about the cheetah vs Formula E car Conversation Street segment, but I have to be honest with you; the moment it was mentioned, I simply had to jump online to see the race for myself. I don’t care that the car won (obviously), but I have never seen a cat racing a Formula E car before, so I wanted to see.

First of all, that cheetah is an absolutely beautiful animal. It’s so majestic looking, and the way it paces back and forth as the race is about to start is just a sight to behold. I don’t even like cats, but if I could have that cheetah for a pet, I absolutely would.

Driving the car is Jean-Eric Vergne, a Formula E driver. It’s no big surprise that the car would win the race, but that cheetah had some insane speed off the line. As the race started, the cheetah was well ahead of Vergne, who was still at the line spinning his wheels.

In fact, the cheetah had a pretty decent lead for a majority of the race until it basically topped out. I’m sure some clever editing made the race look much closer than it actually was, but that car barely won.

Either way, it was an amazing race to watch with two amazing beasts.


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