Hammond Airlifted & May Breaks Arm in First Episode of The Grand Tour

After a long wait following their departures from Top Gear, the endearing automotive trio of Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson are back at it on Amazon’s brand new car series, The Grand Tour. And right on cue, in grand and spectacular fashion, the first episode is reportedly full of shenanigans you know and expect from the English trio.

The show’s executive producer Andy Wilman spoke at the Edinburgh TV Festival in Scotland and wound up showing clips teasing the happenings of the premiere episode.

Among the wildness? A sequence in which Hammond is pranked by the crew when he wakes up from a nap in a car, only to discover that he is soaring through the air, suspended on an airlift.

Add in the wackiness of May dealing with a broken arm from a tumble at a local pub, while shooting at Clarkson, who is cleverly wearing googles and a flak jacket, and the first episode of The Grand Tour is sure to be an exciting one for viewers.

“This is not a trailer but I put something together to show we have been busy,” Wilman told Mirror of the brand new footage. “We have been going around the world with big ambition in the films.”

That big ambition is welcomed sight, as the show has a lot of hype and exceptions to live up to. The Grand Tour has been a long time coming for fans of Top Gear, which fell apart in the spring of 2015, when Clarkson was forced out after a heated exchange with production.

The shocking development ultimately cost the extremely popular show all three of its featured stars, as Hammond and May followed suit behind Clarkson in solidarity, leading to the birth of The Grand Tour.

Bankrolled by Amazon executive Jeff Bezos, TGT is Amazon’s most-anticipated original production to air on Amazon Prime, and is currently scheduled to hit your favorite streaming device sometime during Fall 2016.

We’ll have to wait and see if the leaked footage will wind up in a public teaser.

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