James May Narrowly Misses Death In A Grand Tour Season 2 Teaser Video

With only a week to go now before Season 2, Amazon and the minds behind The Grand Tour Season 2 are ramping up the promotional material. Today, we got possibly the funniest video so far, bar maybe the video where Clarkson and May became American…

Below, you’ll find a celebration of James May still being alive. Just.

The video shows May narrowly missing fatal accidents like the falling of roof tiles, a falling anvil (that bit really got me laughing), and the possible drinking of paint stripper.

Does this perfectly depict a day in the life of Captain Slow? We’re not so sure during his time away from filming, but during filming, this acts as a perfect metaphor. The Grand Tour is dangerous, hard, tiring work. But hey, someone has to do it!


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