James May: Next Grand Tour Episode Will Be Fantastic

James May‘s new Amazon Prime Video documentary Our Man In Japan was released today, but while promoting it on BBC Radio 2, the presenter was keen to tease the next special episode of The Grand Tour.

‘Well it’s still in the edit,’ the petrol head told host Nicki Chapman. ‘But I think it is [great] because as an adventure it was fantastic.

‘Madagascar is a truly beautiful place. It’s wonderful, I don’t know why it isn’t full of artists – it’s just beautiful water, the skies, the breeze, the clouds – it’s ludicrously pretty.’

This quote comes just after James admitted that he doesn’t want to be doing The Grand Tour for too much longer.

‘I’m in the second half of my fifties now and in all honesty, I’m slightly falling apart,’ he told The Sun. ‘I’m developing nervous disorders and aches and I don’t think I’ll do this much longer because I don’t want to fall apart in public. ‘It would just be a bit undignified and I don’t think people want to see it.’

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