James May Talks Jeremy Clarkson And Richard Hammond: “We’re Not Friends”

James May has admitted that Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and himself aren’t really friends outside of The Grand Tour in a recent interview. As well as this, he explains that while the three of them look to be “a bit Brexit, or a bit UKIP,” they’re not, with him the most against the conservative way of thinking.

Explaining that Clarkson and Hammond are “trying to join the aristocracy” with their new clothing, he tells fans the following:

James continued to add that had they met each other in other ways, they wouldn’t have become so close, admitting that we would have been in the “nerdy gang” in school, whereas Hammond would have been in the Scouts.

Clarkson, on the other hand, would have been in “something nauseating” like the “young conservatives”.

Continuing his discussion on their relationship, he notes that many fans often believe that they “live together in a big house with some cars outside”. This is far from the truth, he admits, adding that they don’t “really see each other outside of work”, although he does “pop over to Richard’s house occasionally”.

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