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James May’s Actual LEGO House

I’ve noticed you lot quite enjoy a bit of LEGO. I have a feeling you might enjoy this then, because this time it involves one of your favourite presenters, James May.

In 2009, for his Toy Stories programme, LEGO donated 3.3 million plastic bricks so James and another 1000 volunteers could assemble a full sized LEGO house. This includes the bed, working sink and taps, and even a working toilet! I just wouldn’t want to be the guy who cleans it…

Unfortunately, even though it was finished to perfection and even after James spent a night in the thing, it was doomed from the get go. LEGO withdrew their promise to move the creation to their theme park in Windsor. It couldn’t stay where it was built – a vineyard in Surrey – so it was destroyed.

May said at the time, “I’m very unhappy about it. I feel as if I’m having my arm twisted into saying “knock it down”. “Legoland only told us on Thursday they were not going to take it.

“Knocking it down is just wrong on every level. It’s a really lovely thing – it would break the hearts of the 1,000 people who worked like dogs to build it.”

So, after a long and tiresome build, the house was torn apart and the bricks given to charity. An unfortunate end for such a magnificent structure, but at least the pieces went to good homes.

And here’s a video. Dam I love James’ humour! Or, if it’s blocked in your country (blame the BBC), there’s another even further down.