Jeremy Clarkson Attracting More Criticsm after The Grand Tour Studio Bit

It looks like Jeremy Clarkson can’t go a single episode of The Grand Tour without causing some kind of a stir. The leader presenter of Amazon’s hottest show is in trouble again for what some are calling “tasteless” humor.

It looks like during Episode 3 of The Grand Tour Jeremy’s self-driving car bit has already gotten him into hot water with yet another group. Migrant charity groups have called the bit where he had a Romanian pedal him around the shows set a “tasteless” stunt.


Filmed in the trio’s hometown of where the trio grew up, as Jeremy Clarkson put it, in Whitby, North Yorks, the segment in question had Jeremy discussing how he had bested Google and their attempts to make a smart, self-driving car. Jeremy went on to reveal how he had invented his own self-driving, voice activated car and how it had taken him no time at all.

It turned out that his “car” was nothing more than a septic tank which had been cut in half and retro-fitted with basic bicycle parts and it was powered by a Romanian man. Richard Hammond remarked after Clarkson had opened up the “cars” hood, “Oh God. There’s a man in there.”


This is the second time this season that Clarkson has been accused of being less than sensitive to a group of people during The Grand Tour. Clarkson, however, defended himself on the show saying that,

“I am providing employment for newcomers to our country.

“Google use electronics to take away the work of a man – this gives him a job, this gives him dignity.”

Clarkson closes by saying: “British engineering ladies and gentleman – with Romanian parts.”


While based on the past controversies this season, it looks like not much of anything will come about from this, but it will be interesting to see what other kinds of trouble Clarkson can get into over the remaining episodes.

What do you think? Are people just being overly sensitive in regards to Clarkson’s comments or has he stepped over the line?

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Source: The Sun

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